Target your Facebook Ads to the right audience

Facebook has become an important platform that offers online marketing and advertising services. This social network has been an extremely valuable tool for all kind of businesses; it has had the world’s largest Internet audience in the last years.

One of the main reasons Facebook is so useful and attractive to small and medium-sized companies is that this is a social network that is very powerful in the audience segmentation or customization of audience. You can segment the audience by age, gender, geographic location, occupation, interest, and others.

The companies always search potential consumers who are truly interested in their product or service; this makes advertising efforts more effective. Basically, Facebook empowers brands by allowing them to find potential costumers through segmentation. You can access to Facebook Segmentation Tool when you decide to design and Ad. There you will have the next targeting options: demographics, location, connection and Interests.

Is extremely important to make a right segmentation of the audience, the successful of a camping is linked to that. If you choose well the people you want to reach you will get better results with your ads.

How can you measure the impact of Facebook Ads in your audience?

Audiences can be built on Facebook based on the interest the user showed to certain ads or their answer to some content pieces. If you are searching a good way to promote services or products, Targeting Facebook audiences could be one of the best options, but it should not be the only action. Your company should build up a social media audience, to do that is necessary to make a retargeting list by installing a Facebook pixel on your website, landing page or mobile app. With that pixel you will obtain the conversions of each ad.

You can reach also other conversions from prospects to customers using retargeting. To do that you should segment the users according to their responses to Facebook ads campaigns.

For some owners of small and medium companies, the prospective audience segments created by this social network could seem very large; but, it is important to understand that several segments can be targeted with different ads that will connected to them. Each Facebook ad targeted to a specific segment of your audience can be thought of as a campaign, and should be tracked apart for the intention of maximizing the ROI (return on investment).

The interactions that visitors have with the ads and their corresponding landing pages can be supervised using Urchin Tracking Module codes. UTM codes are parameters that can be attached to the URL or website addresses to pursue campaigns. You can create those codes with the Google Analytics URL Builder Tool. When you use UTM codes you can check the traffic coming to your landing pages and websites through several versions of the Facebook ads. To see the results of these codes you should go to your Google Analytics account or another analytics platform.