How to Generate Leads Using Facebook Ads

In this article you will find the four main steps that you need to achieve a successful Lead generation campaign.

What is Lead generation?

According to the marketing definition, Lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. It refers to the generation of consumer interest.

A list of qualified leads is a priceless asset for your company. It’s cheap to build and works great for every kind of business.

Why Lead Generation is so important?
  • It builds Brand Awareness and Loyalty
  • It’s cost efficient
How can you make a Lead generation campaign?

Check this four steps and make sure to put into practice all of them:

1. Create a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something that is valuable for your potential customers. You must offer it for free and they will give you in return their email or another personal information. Later you will have the chance to develop a business relation with them.

The lead magnets will provide immediate gratification to your users, they’ll take less time and effort to move to the next phase and become customers.

The most common Lead magnet is an e-book, but it takes a long time to be written. You also can create a one page PDF or an Excel template.

Which other Lead magnets can you use?

Articles, discounts, checklist, surveys, video training, free tools, templates and email courses.

All your Lead magnets must have the next features:

  • Address a very specific niche of users
  • Be perceived as highly valuable
  • Solve a problem they have
  • Be extremely easy to consume

There are many kinds of Lead magnets. Be creative! Don’t limit yourself, explore new possibilities and find the best way to catch the attention of your audience.

2. Develop a Landing Page

After create a Lead magnet, all you need is a Landing page where your potential costumers will be able to download the magnet by filling a form with their personal information.

These are the basic principles for a successful Landing page:

  • Use blank Space to focus the attention
  • Remove distractions
  • Create a focal point
  • Match the encapsulation and Contrast
  • Balance your form size -Keep the form above the fold

Check some successful examples of Landing pages created to make Lead magnet campaigns:

Examples Bolzter

3. Drive Traffic to your Landing Page

The next step after create a Landing page is to drive the traffic. These kinds of pages are not content reach, so you have little chances to get much traffic from search engines.

Which could be the best way to drive traffic to your Landing page?

There are different ways to drive the traffic to a landing page, but in this article we will focus on one of the most successful ways: Facebook Advertising

With Facebook Ads you will be able to know how many leads are you generating with the campaign. To do this you need to track conversions. It’s simple; you just need to insert a conversion pixel in your “Thank you page” (the page that users will see after completing the form).

Before set up your Facebook Ads campaign is important to follow the next tips:

While Facebook Advertising is probably the best and fastest way to generate leads, this does not means that is the unique. You can also generate leads out of every interaction you have with your users. Those are some strategies you can implement: create a blog post, link your Lead Magnets in your website or do emailing marketing campaigns.

4. Lead Nurturing

You putted into practice the three previous steps? Now you should have your Lead Generation campaign up and running with Facebook Ads bringing in traffic to your Landing page.

This is the moment to close the sale! You’ve established a previous connection with your users, this means they could be interested in your service or product and they leave you their personal information.

According to the complexity and pricing of your product you can contact them quickly or continue growing the engagement and trust before pushing for a sale.