How to create effective Lead magnet to catch information

When you create a Lead Generation campaign one of the most important things you need is the Lead magnet, something that is valuable for your potential customers. You must offer it for free and they will give you in return their email or another personal information. Building great Lead magnets you will take your email list to the next level. Check some useful tips to do it:

Understand you audience

Before create a Lead magnet is extremely important to know the main characteristics of your audience. You need to discover what do they like, what do they need or which problems they want to resolve. When you get the answer to those and other questions, you will be able to create a lead magnet that catch their attention and will be valuable for they, so in consequence they will give you their email in exchange.

A lead magnet is a tool to reach your potential costumers, so that doesn’t mean that everyone is your ideal subscriber.

Create an attractive copy

Your copy needs to show to your audience instantly and clearly how you can help them. Tell them which are the benefits of that lead magnet; you can also check what your competitors are doing and understand what they are offering, then offer something unique and work in more attractive strategies.

Make a simple access

The user should access easily to your lead magnet, don’t request for many information or ask to complete many steps, they will run and don’t fill the information. Make the process simple as possible.

Choose the right lead magnet

There are many kinds of lead magnet. Those are the most common:

E-book, checklist, resource list, templates, survey, discounts, infographic, free tools, email course, video training.

Deliver effectively your lead magnet

First impressions are so important, so it’s essential to get the delivery of your lead magnet right.

An effective way to do it is linking your lead magnet to a landing page, there you will catch the information and they will get their e-book, article, tool or another content valuable for them. You can also add a download link for the lead magnet on your email confirmation page.

Take lead magnets a step further

When you offer only one lead magnet you can get great results, but if you want to build your list even faster, you can begging to use the “Content upgrade”, it will be so useful.

For example, if you published“4 tools you need to build a great email- marketing camping”, you could put together a PDF or another file that covers more tools or give large information. You could also remake your existing post into a different content type.

Remember Lead magnets are a powerful way to reach and engage your audience on more meaningful and deeper level. Be creative, because you will make an interchange of knowledge. Try to understand the needs and desires of your audience as much as you can.