Bolzter ahora es Crossgraph

Recientemente nuestra compañía fue adquirida por Gravity4, el primer sistema operativo de Marketing de alta frecuencia en el mundo. Esta es una noticia positiva debido al respaldo que representa Gravity4 y la gran oportunidad de estar alineados con su visión innovadora respecto al futuro de la publicidad.

La marca Bolzter, como la conocíamos hasta ahora, se convierte en CrossGraph, una nueva plataforma automatizada de generación de leads, la mejor en su clase. Esta suma de conocimientos y esfuerzos pretende ofrecer una cada vez más perfeccionada herramienta con la que nuestros clientes pueden construir audiencias en tiempo real e ingresar a CrossGraph en nuevos mercados.

Hernán Rodríguez CEO y co-fundador de Bolzter de Bolzter hará parte del Equipo Global Administrativo de Gravity4 como Director de Plataformas Generadoras de Leads. Este sin duda es un paso hacia adelante con el cual esperamos fortalecernos y conquistar nuevos desafíos.

Equipo Crossgraph

How to create effective Lead magnet to catch information

When you create a Lead Generation campaign one of the most important things you need is the Lead magnet, something that is valuable for your potential customers. You must offer it for free and they will give you in return their email or another personal information. Building great Lead magnets you will take your email list to the next level. Check some useful tips to do it:

Understand you audience

Before create a Lead magnet is extremely important to know the main characteristics of your audience. You need to discover what do they like, what do they need or which problems they want to resolve. When you get the answer to those and other questions, you will be able to create a lead magnet that catch their attention and will be valuable for they, so in consequence they will give you their email in exchange.

A lead magnet is a tool to reach your potential costumers, so that doesn’t mean that everyone is your ideal subscriber.

Create an attractive copy

Your copy needs to show to your audience instantly and clearly how you can help them. Tell them which are the benefits of that lead magnet; you can also check what your competitors are doing and understand what they are offering, then offer something unique and work in more attractive strategies.

Make a simple access

The user should access easily to your lead magnet, don’t request for many information or ask to complete many steps, they will run and don’t fill the information. Make the process simple as possible.

Choose the right lead magnet

There are many kinds of lead magnet. Those are the most common:

E-book, checklist, resource list, templates, survey, discounts, infographic, free tools, email course, video training.

Deliver effectively your lead magnet

First impressions are so important, so it’s essential to get the delivery of your lead magnet right.

An effective way to do it is linking your lead magnet to a landing page, there you will catch the information and they will get their e-book, article, tool or another content valuable for them. You can also add a download link for the lead magnet on your email confirmation page.

Take lead magnets a step further

When you offer only one lead magnet you can get great results, but if you want to build your list even faster, you can begging to use the “Content upgrade”, it will be so useful.

For example, if you published“4 tools you need to build a great email- marketing camping”, you could put together a PDF or another file that covers more tools or give large information. You could also remake your existing post into a different content type.

Remember Lead magnets are a powerful way to reach and engage your audience on more meaningful and deeper level. Be creative, because you will make an interchange of knowledge. Try to understand the needs and desires of your audience as much as you can.

Tips for an effective Lead Nurturing

In the Lead generation process the last step is the Lead nurturing, that means you already catch the information of your potential costumers, now you have to think how to close the sale.

Are your lead nurturing actions engaging your audience?

Following the next tips you will be able to make a successful lead nurturing efforts and you will have a better connection with your audience.

Make your brand trustworthy

Now the costumers know very well how to block online ads, promotional tabs and they easily decide to get unsubscribed of a list. The social web has changed how brands communicate, and buyers are increasingly wary of overt, outbound marketing efforts.

To create trust you may offer a variety of levels for leads and is necessary to set the goals and expectations. Don’t promise something you can’t give to your audience. You may deliver exactly what you’ve promised. Remember the buyers only respond to those brands they trust.

Improve your communication

Your communication should be relevant. Think well in the main characteristic of you audience. Who are they? What do they want from you, and when? How are you communicating now with they?

Maybe you don’t know the answers to all those questions, but you can ask. Some options to get the information you need are a survey, a free site or process analysis, make a short test about popular subjects an even you can take a look in forums to scan for questions and listen for popular topics.

When you find the answers that you need, you should categorize your leads by education level, position in the buying lifecycle, needs, profession, another issues related with your business. Creating a list with a good segmentation you will help you nurture leads with increasingly customized campaigns.

Your content should be also conversational. Your campaigns may speak in an authentic voice. You need to define and adhere to a strict brand voice across all of your communications.

Use conversational communication. Remember that your leads are people, not just email addresses. Customize your messages by speaking to each lead about his main characteristics. Personalization could sound like a lot of work, but with the right marketing actions it can be simple and successful.

Plan a multichannel strategy

You can deliver the same message using different channels; like that you will be closer to reach your potential costumers in an effective way. Is important that each communication be unified in message and aesthetic.

Nowadays the mobile-friendly marketing is becoming extremely important, which means that exist a high probability that your buyers are viewing your messages on their cellphones or tablets.

Measure the impact

Your lead nurturing efforts should make an impact that you can measure. You need to detail what what was done, how often, and what the results were over a clearly defined period of time.

Keep doing the Lead nurturing for a long-term
Some buyer lifecycles are longer than other, so you need to keep the relation that your potential costumers have with your brand and moving through their buying process.

Remember, lead nurturing is the last step before close your sale, so is important to take the right actions to “catch” new costumers.

Target your Facebook Ads to the right audience

Facebook has become an important platform that offers online marketing and advertising services. This social network has been an extremely valuable tool for all kind of businesses; it has had the world’s largest Internet audience in the last years.

One of the main reasons Facebook is so useful and attractive to small and medium-sized companies is that this is a social network that is very powerful in the audience segmentation or customization of audience. You can segment the audience by age, gender, geographic location, occupation, interest, and others.

The companies always search potential consumers who are truly interested in their product or service; this makes advertising efforts more effective. Basically, Facebook empowers brands by allowing them to find potential costumers through segmentation. You can access to Facebook Segmentation Tool when you decide to design and Ad. There you will have the next targeting options: demographics, location, connection and Interests.

Is extremely important to make a right segmentation of the audience, the successful of a camping is linked to that. If you choose well the people you want to reach you will get better results with your ads.

How can you measure the impact of Facebook Ads in your audience?

Audiences can be built on Facebook based on the interest the user showed to certain ads or their answer to some content pieces. If you are searching a good way to promote services or products, Targeting Facebook audiences could be one of the best options, but it should not be the only action. Your company should build up a social media audience, to do that is necessary to make a retargeting list by installing a Facebook pixel on your website, landing page or mobile app. With that pixel you will obtain the conversions of each ad.

You can reach also other conversions from prospects to customers using retargeting. To do that you should segment the users according to their responses to Facebook ads campaigns.

For some owners of small and medium companies, the prospective audience segments created by this social network could seem very large; but, it is important to understand that several segments can be targeted with different ads that will connected to them. Each Facebook ad targeted to a specific segment of your audience can be thought of as a campaign, and should be tracked apart for the intention of maximizing the ROI (return on investment).

The interactions that visitors have with the ads and their corresponding landing pages can be supervised using Urchin Tracking Module codes. UTM codes are parameters that can be attached to the URL or website addresses to pursue campaigns. You can create those codes with the Google Analytics URL Builder Tool. When you use UTM codes you can check the traffic coming to your landing pages and websites through several versions of the Facebook ads. To see the results of these codes you should go to your Google Analytics account or another analytics platform.

Tips útiles al crear anuncios en Facebook

En la creación de ads la experiencia y especialmente el ensayo-error son fundamentales en el aprendizaje y mejoramiento del desempeño de muchas campañas, además, nos han permitido abstraer algunas ideas que han sido efectivas. Estas son solo algunas recomendaciones que serán de gran utilidad al momento de crear su anuncio:

Háblele a su audiencia

Piense en la edad, necesidades y origen de su audiencia. Si conoce bien su negocio, tendrá identificado a su publico objetivo, estúdielo y tome esa información en cuenta cuando escriba los textos y seleccione las imágenes.

Si se dirige a una audiencia hispana, por ejemplo, notará que la familia es un tema importante, enfoque el texto en eso al igual que la imagen. Se trata de hablar de lo que su audiencia le interesa y motiva e intentar vincularlo con su propuesta.

Utilice un “gancho”

En los textos, incluya algún dato que sea muy tentador para su audiencia, puede ser un obsequio o beneficios adicionales.

Un bono de compra, un ebook gratuito para descargar, la participación en un evento, pueden ser cosas sencillas que eventualmente atraerán y le darán la oportunidad de ofrecer su producto o servicio.

Lo más relevante

Escriba lo necesario usando pocas palabras, lea nuevamente los textos y elimine, sin que se altere el sentido del mensaje, las expresiones que sobren.

Siempre menos es más, hay que dar el mensaje de una manera clara y concisa, permitiendo que el usuario se cuestione y lo motive a hacer clic.

Imágenes que comuniquen

El texto permitido en la imagen es muy poco, siempre es acertado seleccionar imágenes que hablen por sí mismas, que respalden el mensaje.

Si vamos a hablar de vacaciones familiares es pertinente mostrar una familia disfrutándolas en lugar de una playa vacía. En una imagen intente contar o mostrar los beneficios que está ofreciendo al usuario.

Piense en el diseño

Las imágenes no solo deben contar algo, también deben prestarse para ser modificadas al diseñarlas. Si va a ponerle texto a la imagen trate de que esta tenga espacios alrededor que pueda usar para ubicarlo.

Elegir la imagen y editarla puede tomar gran parte del proceso de creción del anuncio, por eso, al seleccionarla piense también en la funcionalidad de la imagen. A veces elegimos la imagen porque respalda el mensaje y olvidamos que debe prestarse para incluir un texto o logo.

How to Generate Leads Using Facebook Ads

In this article you will find the four main steps that you need to achieve a successful Lead generation campaign.

What is Lead generation?

According to the marketing definition, Lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. It refers to the generation of consumer interest.

A list of qualified leads is a priceless asset for your company. It’s cheap to build and works great for every kind of business.

Why Lead Generation is so important?
  • It builds Brand Awareness and Loyalty
  • It’s cost efficient
How can you make a Lead generation campaign?

Check this four steps and make sure to put into practice all of them:

1. Create a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something that is valuable for your potential customers. You must offer it for free and they will give you in return their email or another personal information. Later you will have the chance to develop a business relation with them.

The lead magnets will provide immediate gratification to your users, they’ll take less time and effort to move to the next phase and become customers.

The most common Lead magnet is an e-book, but it takes a long time to be written. You also can create a one page PDF or an Excel template.

Which other Lead magnets can you use?

Articles, discounts, checklist, surveys, video training, free tools, templates and email courses.

All your Lead magnets must have the next features:

  • Address a very specific niche of users
  • Be perceived as highly valuable
  • Solve a problem they have
  • Be extremely easy to consume

There are many kinds of Lead magnets. Be creative! Don’t limit yourself, explore new possibilities and find the best way to catch the attention of your audience.

2. Develop a Landing Page

After create a Lead magnet, all you need is a Landing page where your potential costumers will be able to download the magnet by filling a form with their personal information.

These are the basic principles for a successful Landing page:

  • Use blank Space to focus the attention
  • Remove distractions
  • Create a focal point
  • Match the encapsulation and Contrast
  • Balance your form size -Keep the form above the fold

Check some successful examples of Landing pages created to make Lead magnet campaigns:

Examples Bolzter

3. Drive Traffic to your Landing Page

The next step after create a Landing page is to drive the traffic. These kinds of pages are not content reach, so you have little chances to get much traffic from search engines.

Which could be the best way to drive traffic to your Landing page?

There are different ways to drive the traffic to a landing page, but in this article we will focus on one of the most successful ways: Facebook Advertising

With Facebook Ads you will be able to know how many leads are you generating with the campaign. To do this you need to track conversions. It’s simple; you just need to insert a conversion pixel in your “Thank you page” (the page that users will see after completing the form).

Before set up your Facebook Ads campaign is important to follow the next tips:

While Facebook Advertising is probably the best and fastest way to generate leads, this does not means that is the unique. You can also generate leads out of every interaction you have with your users. Those are some strategies you can implement: create a blog post, link your Lead Magnets in your website or do emailing marketing campaigns.

4. Lead Nurturing

You putted into practice the three previous steps? Now you should have your Lead Generation campaign up and running with Facebook Ads bringing in traffic to your Landing page.

This is the moment to close the sale! You’ve established a previous connection with your users, this means they could be interested in your service or product and they leave you their personal information.

According to the complexity and pricing of your product you can contact them quickly or continue growing the engagement and trust before pushing for a sale.

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We believe that building a strong social marketing campaign is not solely art nor technology, but the strategic combination of the two that's the reason we are a hybrid of marketers and coders doing A/B tests, landing pages, viral factor, email deliverability, and Open Graph for our Clients!